Theories of Criminal Behavior: Part 1

                             Incarceration of Women According to the studies, children of incarcerated mother can experience an internalizing and externalizing behavior problems, cognitive delays, and difficulties in society. It’s said that they are among society’s most helpless citizens. The mass incarceration of women both within the … More Theories of Criminal Behavior: Part 1

Child Poverty Part II

In the African-American youth, poverty is often referred to as the cause of high anxiety and depression with rebellious behavior and lower performances. In the Hispanic segment, poverty has been reported to cause behavioral problems at young ages and anxiety at the age of adolescence, and it was also found to be more for Mexican-American … More Child Poverty Part II

Restructuring the Justice System

CLICK HERE TO WATCH: “thousands of children are lead down a career path of criminal behavior in large part due to the failure of our punitive justice system” The article by Izenman, et alt.(2010), examined group intervention program for violent juveniles.  The research was based on the ecological approach and cognitive behavioral approach to reduce the … More Restructuring the Justice System

Social Injustice: The Arizona Immigration Law

  The Arizona immigration bill, referred to as Arizona law S.B. 1070, presents a number of important issues to analysts of social science and members of the public. The main issue is that migrants who are unauthorized, together the communities they come from, will be subjected to intense surveillance by local and state police. In … More Social Injustice: The Arizona Immigration Law

Race and Class

  Race and Class Racial and class struggle has been an urgent social problem for many decades. In various countries and different corners of the world this fight has its specific features and directions. However, the common goal is always the same – equality for everybody with no regard to race, class, and social status. … More Race and Class

The Struggles: Black Liberation/Women’s Liberation

During the 1960’s, Black women struggled for human rights and honor; however, they faced challenges with sexism, racism and classism. Black women were marginalized and openly discriminated against in both movements. They were an insignificant group whose existence and needs were ignored by the black men of the Black Liberation Movement and white women in … More The Struggles: Black Liberation/Women’s Liberation