Theories of Criminal Behavior: Part 1

                             Incarceration of Women According to the studies, children of incarcerated mother can experience an internalizing and externalizing behavior problems, cognitive delays, and difficulties in society. It’s said that they are among society’s most helpless citizens. The mass incarceration of women both within the … More Theories of Criminal Behavior: Part 1

Facts of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is referred to the business of people mainly children and youngster who is carried out for the vested interest of the traffickers. Certain mafias and gangs, who exploit these people for the purpose of the sexual slave, forced labor or involuntary prostitution, operate human trafficking. The act of trafficking is comprised of recruitment, harboring, and transportation of … More Facts of Human Trafficking

Child Poverty Part II

In the African-American youth, poverty is often referred to as the cause of high anxiety and depression with rebellious behavior and lower performances. In the Hispanic segment, poverty has been reported to cause behavioral problems at young ages and anxiety at the age of adolescence, and it was also found to be more for Mexican-American … More Child Poverty Part II

Child Advocacy: Poverty and Ethnicity Part I

Child abuse has been one of the most discussed topics in various national and international forums. Recent studies conducted have highlighted new models in the context of child abuse with respect to poverty and ethnic orientation. In this regard, the consensus has to be developed concerning the influence of race, poverty level or both of … More Child Advocacy: Poverty and Ethnicity Part I

Revolutionary Women

“I am like a drop of water on a rock. After drip, drip, dripping in the same place, I begin to leave a mark, and I leave my mark in many people’s hearts.” -Rigoberta Menchu // (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ google_ad_client: “ca-pub-7871172139122548”, enable_page_level_ads: true });

Restructuring the Justice System

CLICK HERE TO WATCH: “thousands of children are lead down a career path of criminal behavior in large part due to the failure of our punitive justice system” The article by Izenman, et alt.(2010), examined group intervention program for violent juveniles.  The research was based on the ecological approach and cognitive behavioral approach to reduce the … More Restructuring the Justice System

The Struggle

The inequalities and injustices that people of color have endured for centuries continue, even today.  Individuals and organizations have spearheaded efforts to bring about change through awareness, but much remains to be done.  As documented throughout the literature, research studies, and other publications, until there is a united front, an outpour of voices demanding the … More The Struggle

Comparing and Contrasting the Concepts and Practices of Restorative and Transformative Justice

Click here for video  Restorative justice is not about taking revenge of the past, but creating a better future for those that violated the law and committed crimes against the victim/s.It involves both victim and offender to come together to address the responsibility of the crime and find best ways to repair the harm caused … More Comparing and Contrasting the Concepts and Practices of Restorative and Transformative Justice

Social Injustice: The Arizona Immigration Law

  The Arizona immigration bill, referred to as Arizona law S.B. 1070, presents a number of important issues to analysts of social science and members of the public. The main issue is that migrants who are unauthorized, together the communities they come from, will be subjected to intense surveillance by local and state police. In … More Social Injustice: The Arizona Immigration Law