Theories of Criminal Behavior: Part II

How are children impacted by an incarcerated mother? a. In Illinois one in four children in Foster Care System is abused in foster homes, and has an increased risk of delinquency as adolescents and homelessness as adults. b. Psychological health and sense of family; c. Termination of parental rights; d. Decreasing mother-child bond. According to … More Theories of Criminal Behavior: Part II

Theories of Criminal Behavior: Part 1

                             Incarceration of Women According to the studies, children of incarcerated mother can experience an internalizing and externalizing behavior problems, cognitive delays, and difficulties in society. It’s said that they are among society’s most helpless citizens. The mass incarceration of women both within the … More Theories of Criminal Behavior: Part 1

Las Cholitas

“Cholita” is a very common name used in Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador to describe a native woman that live in the Andes region. // (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ google_ad_client: “ca-pub-7871172139122548”, enable_page_level_ads: true });


Bystander effect refers to the situation where massive population participates in watching the bullying but does not play their role in disapproving the situation. In this regard, the bystanders play a vital role in contributing with the problem and indicating silent acceptance to the bully for his hurtful behavior (Pister, 2014). The bystander effect is … More Bullying

Motherhood Hurts

Yes, sometimes it hurts to be a mother … You get a negative test when you want a baby before the positive comes. You get hurt with the positive results when you crossed your fingers for a negative. And it scares you, terrifies you. As your bump begins to grow your body begins to hurt, … More Motherhood Hurts