Theories of Criminal Behavior: Part II

monther and child bond

How are children impacted by an incarcerated mother?

a. In Illinois one in four children in Foster Care System is abused in foster homes, and has an increased risk of delinquency as adolescents and homelessness as adults.

b. Psychological health and sense of family;

c. Termination of parental rights;

d. Decreasing mother-child bond.

According to the Women in Prison Fact Sheet, both childhood and adult histories of abuse are correlation of drug use among women.

Women that were admitted between the 90’ and 01’ was at 67.3% African American, 26.9% white and 5.1% Latina and other less than 1%. Women’s crime less violent, but the sentencing became stricter. Research has shown the growth among female inmates served sentence for property and drug offence (61% of women prisoners were sentenced severely for property (62%) and drug (29%) offenses), the affected ones are mostly women of color. Overall, the crime has not become violent but the sentencing has become stricter. The criminal justice system failed to offer drug treatment for women who benefit from it.

The legal and destructive elements of maternal imprisonment among women are that women in prison are vulnerable and marginalized individuals in society. The imprisonment among women has affected their relationship with their children as they are separated from their parent. It can put a child through psychological effects and having poor sense of family. Additionally, child welfare and criminal justice policies have failed to serve the needs of these women. Female incarceration rates, in particular, are increasing at an unprecedented rate. Nonetheless, the incarceration rates do keep increasing.

The areas of women’s life have been affected and impacted by mass incarceration, victimization, parenting; and the stress and stigma associated with community caretaking has resulted for the growth of women’s anti-prison activism. They brought up the issue of women rights while in prison. They become as resisters and activist on issues of penal reform and for organizing a policy reform. Incarcerated women advocated in resisting the prison industrial complex, sentencing, death penalty and the development of different sanctions. The voices of women behind bars have been silenced for far too long. 

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