Motherhood Hurts

Yes, sometimes it hurts to be a mother …

You get a negative test when you want a baby before the positive comes. You get hurt with the positive results when you crossed your fingers for a negative. And it scares you, terrifies you. As your bump begins to grow your body begins to hurt, and you are often tired and can hardly sleep, long before your child is born. Your body is sore from the painful labor or cesarean, but you must recover soon because the most important thing in your life depends on you. You are hurt after postpartum, and everything you left behind, you are hurt by everything that changed.

Your body hurts like you lost a boxing match, you feel discomfort, soreness, and fatigue, you go days without sleep, you carry your child for hours to soothe and give them peace.

You get hurt by the many pieces of advice that make you feel like a bad mother because it seems that everything you do is backward. It hurts to go back to work or start studying, but you will do everything for your baby.

Sometimes you feel hurt when you see your image in the mirror and yearn for a while in silence. The lack of a minute of intimacy hurts.

You get hurt by their pains, cramps, red gums of their first teeth, the first scrapes and feel concerned about their vaccinations.

It hurts and angers you when someone compares your child to other children, or when you feel that you cannot teach them how to behave, or when criticized by those who envy your motherhood.

It hurts the way she looks at you when you have to challenge her, and it hurts to see her in tears when you must be firm with your decision, a decision she does not understand, but you know it is for her sake, although at that moment you doubt it.

It hurts you to have her all day in your arms, and it also hurts when she no longer wants to be held. Her jealousy hurts you and when they stop being the only child, it hurts to feel guilty for that new love that will come.

It hurts when they do not want to stay in school and when you have to leave them there, and it also hurts when they want to leave your home and to see that they have turned into a beautiful young adult. It hurts to see them make the wrong decisions; it hurts to see them cry, it hurts to see them fall in love and for someone to break their heart.

It hurts to see them grow so fast, and it hurts when you wished for them to grow. It hurts to feel guilty and uff !! You feel remorse because you feel guilty about so many things, what you do, what you do not do, what other mothers do and you do not, your needs, their mistakes, the times they misbehave, or those days you needed so much to be alone.

YES!! Motherhood hurts.

It always hurts, and there is no pain more beautiful, PURE, more magnificent than that. Because as painful as it is, it also HEALS.


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