Child Advocacy: Poverty and Ethnicity Part I

Child abuse has been one of the most discussed topics in various national and international forums. Recent studies conducted have highlighted new models in the context of child abuse with respect to poverty and ethnic orientation. In this regard, the consensus has to be developed concerning the influence of race, poverty level or both of these factors on responding and reporting to cases of child abuse. On average, approximately six million children in the United States of America are reported to experience one or other form of abuse. However, it has been observed that only 50% of these cases are reported to state and federal reporting authorities (Abramsky, 2012). Based on these reports, this makes the United States as one of the highest reported countries regarding child abuse cases.

Poverty has been considered to be as one of the major reasons for various social problems in the American society. It is because of the fact that poverty, in turn, brings in disparities and inequalities in the demographic segments. Due to severe economic crises health and social disparities have been observed in approximately 47 million American citizens that are expected to be living below poverty line (Abramsky, 2012). These variations influence almost every demographic segment of the American society. The importance of these gaps will be firmly addressed in the next part of the paper.

Abramsky, S. (2012). The other America 2012 To confront the poverty epidemic, we must first bring the” invisible poor” out of the shadows. Nation , 294 (20), 11-14.

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