Restructuring the Justice System

CLICK HERE TO WATCH: “thousands of children are lead down a career path of criminal behavior in large part due to the failure of our punitive justice system”

The article by Izenman, et alt.(2010), examined group intervention program for violent juveniles.  The research was based on the ecological approach and cognitive behavioral approach to reduce the criminal and violent behavior. Researchers explain that intervention group therapy consisted of addressing attitudes, skill building, planning safety, and gathering new alternatives to address attitudes towards violence and personal accountabilities. Given the experimental treatment, young adolescents were taught to recognize the signs of violence and used alternative methods to strengthen an intense situation (Ibid). It is suggested that social workers and probation officers be aware of the importance of changing attitudes as a major step in juvenile behavioral change; nonetheless, group intervention might help probation officers to provide with appropriate interventions and treatment (Ibid).

Thus, a great outcome is the use of therapeutic approach to teach young juveniles to recognize violence and to apply an alternative way to solve the issue. Problem-solving models and improving access to intervention will bring difficult teens into working relationships; they suggest further research on how can juveniles learn to build a therapeutic and healthy relationship with family, community and relating academic achievement.

Izenman, A. J., Harris, P. W., Mennis, J., Jupin, J., & Obradovic, Z. (June 01, 2011). Local spatial biclustering and prediction of urban juvenile delinquency and recidivism. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining, 4, 3, 259-275.


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