Comparing and Contrasting the Concepts and Practices of Restorative and Transformative Justice

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Restorative justice is not about taking revenge of the past, but creating a better future for those that violated the law and committed crimes against the victim/s.It involves both victim and offender to come together to address the responsibility of the crime and find best ways to repair the harm caused by the criminal.

However, the article by Scot Nakagawa states that “in order for the restorative justice system to work, all participants must be willing and able to face each other and arrive at a just solution; a circumstance that is not always possible. In response to the co-optation of the restorative justice model, many advocates are pointing in a new direction, to transformative justice.”

Transformative justice is where conflicts are responded to in a thoughtful way. It takes the values and methods of restorative justice away from the criminal justice system. Rather than oppressing, it advocates both the offender and victim by embracing positive ways to integrate and understand social problems.
In retributive justice conflicts or law breakers are given the punishment that they deserve without even much consultation. I think that therapeutic programs and options could change the present system because it gives humanity a second chance. Offenders will have to face their guilt to encounter morality. Organizations such as the Community Justice for Youth Institute strives to develop restorative programs that can help and encourage young adolescents. Project NIA Building Peaceful Communities model is to provide a “new way of thinking about crime and violence” to both restorative and transformative justice to communities. Their goal is to help prevent crime, by bringing the community together.

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