Race and Class


Race and Class

Racial and class struggle has been an urgent social problem for many decades. In various countries and different corners of the world this fight has its specific features and directions. However, the common goal is always the same – equality for everybody with no regard to race, class, and social status. In Ireland, the struggle for racial and class equality has become a fight for independence and unique Irish traditions. Many brave and remarkable people got involved in the battle. In this essay, I would like to focus on the most important figures of Irish women and men who shaped the revolutionary movement in Ireland and contributed to the struggle for class and racial equality. The national revival in Ireland emerged as the response for many years of “national amnesia” as Karen Steele calls it in her book “Women, Press, and Politics during the Irish Revival” (Steel, 2007). To research this issue, Karen Steele focused on studying the figures and history of several women who played a significant role in the revolutionary and nationalist movements of the beginning of the 20th century. For instance, she studied the contribution of Constance Markievicz, was sentenced to death because of her active engagement in the revolutionary movement, but received a reprieve because she was a woman. Markievicz was the first female elected to the House of Commons but stayed in Ireland to continue fighting for independence (Irish Labour History Society). The particular feature of the Irish revolution was that it had effects almost immediately. The story of Constance Markievicz is a great example of how the class struggle can bring significant results (Irish Women Revolutionaries). Concluding this paper, I would like to say that the Irish national revival was the result of a collective effort of many significant and devoted men and women who wanted better future for their country and were ready to give their life for that.


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