Women: Self-knowledge and Resistance

Self-knowledge and Resistance


Today, we are facing an unseen enemy. We are living in a world of the ordinary. We seem to enslave ourselves with daily routine work. Most of us would merely wake up in the morning, drastically go for a bath,  and even forget to eat breakfast so that we will not run late for work. It is very odd actually to stop and smell the flowers. Meanwhile, people who do not have work are even at a greater disadvantage. Looking for work for a day’s food is an everyday struggle. We can only fight this battle for survival! Yes! Love makes the world go round.  Love gives meaning to everything that a man needs to survive. It makes a man find the passion and energy to accomplish every goal and every dream. It connects him to everyone around him and everything in between. I say we join the revolution and fall in love for tomorrow we will live a brand new day. Let us fight the norm that imposes on us. Let us breathe love. We must join the resistance. We must show the world that we can live extraordinary lives. We must fall in love.

SCUM Manifesto

I have to say the Society for Cutting Up Men or SCUM Manifesto is quite feisty. It is probably the most overwhelming proposal,  to eliminate mankind – the kind of men, of course. It is like any other propaganda that creates hate for a particular race. The author Valerie Solanas may have a bad history with men.

Walter Romans, in his article entitled The Hate-filled Legacy of Valerie Solanas, wrote that in 1977, Solanas claimed that her views had not changed since the Manifesto was published. This indicated that she believed what she had written.He added that the said Manifesto was taken seriously by a number of feminist leaders and organizations, demonstrated by Ti-Grace Atkinson, a radical feminist and president of the New York chapter of NOW. She dubbed Solanas as the “first outstanding champion of women’s rights” (Romans) and“heroine of the women’s movement”(Romans).

Exercising a woman’s right does not necessarily mean the extinction of the other gender. It would be devastating to eliminate a certain group when we exist to live freely.





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